Happy Inevitable Failure Day!


Well, this was bound to happen. I missed a day. I had somewhat anticipated this, though Human Monster insists that he had foreseen it with far more clarity (I believe the words “you’ll quit as usual” were involved). But what with my exhaustive plans for world domination, training for the Iditarod, and my burgeoning stamp collecting career, there are only enough hours in the day.

However, this doesn’t mean the monsters will stop. I’ll do my best, even at the risk of Sean Connery popping up out of nowhere to tell me that only losers whine about their best (see: The Rock). (No really, see it. It’s always awesome to watch Nicholas Cage save the world from annihilation, despite the fervent desire to punch him repeatedly in the face.)

Today’s monster, appropriately, came out of another failure. I was going for different sort of design, but it crashed and burned and looked pretty terrible. So I tore it apart and put it back together in a completely different way instead, laughing maniacally in my bell tower amidst a storm of lightning. Now I think he looks sort of like the Tivo guy, which is fine with me, since DVRs are the best thing ever invented. Where else could I possibly store an entire year’s worth of Lifetime movies? IN MY SHAMEFUL CLOSET?


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