Happy Unnecessary Article Day!


I saw The Dark Knight the other night, outside, at a park. And once again, the only thing that really distracted me (other than the fact that the movie screen looked as if it could be pushed into the East River and used as a water trampoline) was that everyone was running around calling the guy THE Batman. I know there are nerdy reasons why (I think) but I’m pretty sure that if people just started addressing each other with “the” in front of their names, mass chaos would descend upon the world and the only one who could save us all would be, ironically, The Batman.

I thought it might be cool to make a half bat/half butterfly, so I did. I have a feeling the bat that snuck its way into the girl’s bathroom when I was in second grade would have been a lot less terrifying if it were purple and furry and had puffball antennae rather than disturbingly large ears and razor sharp claws and the fervent desire to nest in my hair.


One response to “Happy Unnecessary Article Day!

  1. ahhh i love it!! (and that is saying a lot since i HATE butterflies)

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