Happy Feline-Arachnid Mutant Day!


One Saturday afternoon when I was seven years old, I happened to catch an airing of The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum. As it turns out, I was far too young to be watching such a terrifying movie, let alone be exposed to that much Goldblum at such an early age. But I watched the entire thing anyway, and it gave me nightmares for a solid week. Especially the part when Geena Davis has a dream about giving birth to a larva that looks like a giant squirming Cheeto. Seared into my brain forever. Wait until I have a kid – that should be a fun labor room, huh? “IS IT A WRITHING YET DELICIOUS CORN SNACK, HONEY?”

Anyway, Mr. Goldblum’s collection of fallen-off body parts in a cabinet has apparently done nothing to kill my love for cross-species hybridization. Today we have a spidercat. Not so easy to whack it with a newspaper when it’s staring up at you with i-can-has-a-fish? eyes, is it?

PS. Another Day, Another Monster has drunk the Kool-aid and is now on Twitter. Follow, sheep!


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