Happy Yoda of Liberty Day!


I moved to New York City a year ago, but I’ve still never been to the Statue of Liberty. Probably because I hate freedom so much.

To make up for my unpatriotic ways, I thought I’d make a Statue of Liberty-inspired monster. Admittedly, it looks more like a young, wrinkle-free Yoda. Either way, I doubt anyone would make much of a fuss if we blew it up to gargantuan proportions and used it to defeat Vigo the Carpathian.

Question: Is there anyone out there who can listen to “Higher and Higher” and NOT think of that movie? I think it should replace “Auld Lang Syne” as the New Year’s Eve song of choice.


One response to “Happy Yoda of Liberty Day!

  1. megan "fatty" sutton


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