Happy Undead Rabbit Day!


This was originally going to be a toaster. I saw a guy on TV who crocheted ordinary, life-sized things, like urinals (really), and I wanted to give it a shot myself. But the toaster just wasn’t coming out right, plus my inexplicable need to put gigantic eyes on everything would have given it more of a Brave Little Toaster look. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with imitating the best beloved-as-a-child-but-really-disturbing-in-retrospect animated feature of all time, but not what I was really going for. So it turned into a zombie bunny with radioactive green stuff leaking out instead. Naturally.


One response to “Happy Undead Rabbit Day!

  1. Funny you should mention the Brave Little Toaster as being “disturbing-in-retrospect”. My daughter, who absolutely loved that movie when she was younger, said the exact same thing the other day!

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